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500 Free Icons For Your Design Needs, 2014

  I came across many free & beautiful icon sets lately through various online resources. Therefore, I have group together some of my favourites and am here to share it with you. They are available for downloads. So feel free to check them out and if you find them useful, go grab them by visiting [...]

Latest Feel Good Fonts For Your Typography Needs

If you’re a graphic designer who are looking for more and newer fonts for your typography projects, look no further but here! I have some resources of beautiful fonts which you can download and use. Please remember to read their licences prior to using. So enjoy browsing for your favourite fonts and hope this article [...]

Rules to Follow in Logo Design

A logo is a visual representation of a brand – the very first impression. Designing a logo that represents a brand is more than just graphic design. Like any line of work, a logo design requires a lot of knowledge and creativity skills. So for this reason, I’d like to share with you some essentials [...]

25+ Beautiful Typography Artworks

I’ve been a fan of Typography for quite some time now. Do you know that we are surrounded by typography in our daily lives? As simple as it may seem typography subtly combines communicative and artistic elements to create a print both pleasing and easy to read.  The world of Typography is just enormous. From [...]