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Time-saving Android Apps for Freelancers

Yast Time Tracker If you like to manage your time effectively, Yast Time Tracker makes it easy to track your working hours. It features clock in/out with 1 click, and have simultaneous timers. If you have a team of people working on your project, this App allows multiple users to track on the same project.

Illustrator CS5 Features you’ve got to know

  Just last month, it was exciting to learn that Adobe’s Photoshop CS5 has new features in-store for us designers. This time, I’m sharing with you again, new and advance features that Adobe’s Illustrator has in its latest version, which is the CS5 version.

Photoshop CS5 features you’ve got to know

  Adobe Photoshop CS5 is the twelfth version of Photoshop since it first came out 20 years ago. The most discussed new feature is the amazing Content-Aware Fill which we will review later in this article. Other equally significant improvements include sophisticated new selection tools, improved HDR image creation, the novel Puppet Warp feature, and [...]

Apps to view Flash on iOS

  According to Steve Jobs, having Flash on iDevices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) will put a strain on the battery life. Others say Flash is not included on iDevices because of “security constraints”. Whatever the reason, Apple fans can still view Flash contents with the help of some Apps.

Very Useful iPad Apps for Web Designers/Developers

  After 2 months of the iPad launch, over 10,000 apps were developed. With a product as aesthetically pleasing as the iPad, web designers or developers will find some of the apps introduced here very useful and at times, might come in handy as well.

Is it true Flash can’t work on touch devices?

 Adobe: Flash can work on touch devices There has been a misperception circulating on the Internet around Flash. Many people think that Flash cannot work on touch devices because hover events work differently on a touch device…and with Apple giving 100% support for HTML 5, they are discouraging the use of Flash on websites. Many [...]