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Time-saving Android Apps for Freelancers

Yast Time Tracker If you like to manage your time effectively, Yast Time Tracker makes it easy to track your working hours. It features clock in/out with 1 click, and have simultaneous timers. If you have a team of people working on your project, this App allows multiple users to track on the same project.

Apps to view Flash on iOS

  According to Steve Jobs, having Flash on iDevices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) will put a strain on the battery life. Others say Flash is not included on iDevices because of “security constraints”. Whatever the reason, Apple fans can still view Flash contents with the help of some Apps.

Very Useful iPad Apps for Web Designers/Developers

  After 2 months of the iPad launch, over 10,000 apps were developed. With a product as aesthetically pleasing as the iPad, web designers or developers will find some of the apps introduced here very useful and at times, might come in handy as well.