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Cancer Detector now in Smartphones

Image source : The MGH Center for Systems Biology (CSB) Transforming smartphones into medical marvels is a hot trend in scientific research. Now, a new smartphone-controlled device could help doctors diagnose cancer in a simple, in-office procedure with results in a matter of minutes.

Windows Phone 7 OS – What’s in it?

 Are WP7 Phones worth the buy?   Microsoft has formally introduced its Windows Phone 7 Operating System in a bid to reverse declining market share and relevance in the smartphone space. While Apple’s iPhone offers a consistent end-user experience, Microsoft’s (while yet to come out with its own smartphones) WP7 is taking over the overall experience with [...]

Very Useful iPad Apps for Web Designers/Developers

  After 2 months of the iPad launch, over 10,000 apps were developed. With a product as aesthetically pleasing as the iPad, web designers or developers will find some of the apps introduced here very useful and at times, might come in handy as well.

iPhone owners, be warned of hacker glitch

Experts have warned that hackers could take control of iPhones and other gadgets made by Apple. Hackers could plunder users’ data and tap their calls through the Internet. Experts say two vulnerabilities have been discovered in Apple’s operating system (OS) for the iPhone, iPad tablet computer and iPod music player.

Apple Launches iPhone 4

iPhone 4 launch